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The church in Africa as a whole lacks adequate access to biblical resources. By and large, theological resources are either unavailable, inaccessible, unaffordable or inapplicable to the issues Christians face in Africa. These problems especially affect theological education. Research shows that 85% - 90% of pastors on the continent have no access to theological education, thus leaving them ill-equipped to faithfully shepherd their churches in the African context.



Ekklesia Afrika has endeavored to address these issues by developing curriculums and programs that utilize resources that will equip leaders and church members to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the word. We are able to do so by entering into copyright agreements with publishers in the West (the US and the UK) allowing us to locally publish much need sound theological resources. This allows us not only to make the books available but also affordable. We further complement this vision by hosting conferences where biblical truths are clearly and faithfully proclaimed both by the authors we are publishing and faithful African pastors that we are pointing to as examples to follow.

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