Ekklesia’s conferences provide pastors and laypeople with faithful preaching, teaching,networking opportunities, and a model for church life.



Africa is plagued by a false gospel that has had very little resistance in its destructive advance across the continent. Africa is not lacking in conferences, but high quality, biblical conferences with exemplary teaching and useful resources are rare.



Ekklesia hosts two annual conferences that expose attendees to expository preaching, high-quality theological teaching, and African examples of faithful ministry. At these conferences, we promote relationships and networking with like-minded brothers. Furthermore, conferences are a megaphone for the one true gospel. 

Proclaim 2020

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This year's Proclaim Conference will focus on helping us all understand holiness more biblically, practice it more joyfully and teach it more inspiringly to God's people. We will be examining the biblical, theological and practical truths that should inform the holiness of Christian individuals and churches.